Scott, that is blood money. Seriously. Those people that died? That money has their blood on it.

You keep it? You are disgusting.

The fact that you’re acting like a dick instead of explaining your point speaks volumes. Instead of replying and being condescending, just state your point or just ignore my post. Being an asshole? Not necessary, especially since I asked a pretty damn straightforward question out of curiosity.

Okay y’all

Gotta get up p. early tomorrow so I’m outtie

If any of you find those streaming links inbox me, ok?

It’ll be a nice present to wake up to in the morning :)

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Scott, that is blood money.  Seriously.  Those people that died?  That money has their blood on it.

You keep it?  You are disgusting.

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. Times are hard.

There were allusions to rough times in the McCall household S1. Now, years later, the house is falling apart and they’re three months behind on lights. Unless they catch up all the way and then pay the next month, they’re literally screwed. (Been there. the Power People are serious and relentless when it comes to repeat offenders.) Light problems = food problems = even bigger money problems.

Money is money. The cops don’t need it for evidence. The dead are dead. He’s not buying a new bike he’s saving his mother an ulcer and saving his livelihood. Not to mention, he’ll probably split it with Stiles. The only question now is how to pass it off as legal money. 

I could’t agree more. I hate to say it but if that were me, the moment I know the money couldn’t be traced, I’d be giving it to my mom and telling her not to ask questions. The struggle is literally real, we’re still in that kind of position. It’s one of the reasons why I can never hate Scott, he’s a family man through and through. He’s a mamma’s boy and its the biggest trait I relate to him with.  

Blood money. It’s disgusting. It will never be right. 

Where the money comes from is not okay, but Scott taking it is understandable. When the power goes off, it’ll be followed by other things (repossession, eviction, Melissa getting sick from stress leading to more stress because they can’t pay the bills if she can’t work) and it’s horrible for anyone in that situation. Scott would do everything he could to stop that from happening. Being in that position, it would be incredibly difficult for me to not take that money because when you can’t afford basic things, like power or heating, it wears you and everyone else down and it makes you desperate. Scott is only about 17 or 18 at this point - he’s basically a kid who shouldn’t have to deal with this stuff, and normally I’d agree and say Scott’s making bad decisions again and not thinking of the consequences, but when you’re a teenager and desperate to help you will do stupid things like this.

Nope. You get another job. You sell your things. You help with the household repairs.  You quit your sports because that costs money.  You yell at your deadbeat dad for not helping around the house more. You don’t steal money, especially not blood money.

auntpol that’s kind of… classist, don’t you think? Melissa’s working day and night shifts, to the point where Liam’s stepfather comments on how hard she has been driving herself. Scott, who has his plate filled to the brim and is still trying to concentrate on school, already HAS a job working with Deaton. And that money probably goes back to the household. Melissa and Scott are working themselves to the bone and are STILL behind on electric? And the solution you offer is to “get another job”? Nah. “Sell your things” is a rather callous— not to mention TEMPORARY fix to the problem. What do they have to sell? Scott’s bike? Which will net them, what, maybe a thousand? $1000 isn’t a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. A couple months of groceries for two people.

No matter how much shit they sell, if they aren’t making enough money from job income, it will catch back up with them.

"You help with the household repairs" well, Agent McCall (ew) seems to be attempting just that, but when the issue is electric bills…. what is this going to do?

"You quit your sports because that costs money" auntpol, I don’t know hot to tell you this, but sports for a lot of kids (ESPECIALLY poor or impoverished kids) is one of the ONLY ways out of a bad economic situation and is the only availible route for upward social mobility. A couple hundred dollars for sports gear here and there is NOTHING when put up against the possibility of a Full Ride Scholarship to College with a lacrosse scholarship. And given Melissa is having trouble with the heating, it’s safe to say she doesn’t have a college fund set up for scotty boy.

"You yell at your deadbeat dad for not helping around the house more."

cant fault you on that one what the fuck is his issue, just roll out of town and send your struggling ex wife and son half your paycheck like youre supposed to. Is this asshole not paying child support or what?

auntpol I have very little love for Scott McCall. I am heavily influenced by athenadark’s interpretation of him, I don’t like the way he acts, I don’t like the way he treats derek or stiles or his actions (or, more accurately, his inaction). But… Jesus. 750 grand is a lot of cash. All this comes down to in the broader scheme of things is “would you steal bread to feed your family”?

(personally, I would.) Scott isn’t wrong for considering keeping the money (though I’d be surprised if Derek wouldn’t be THROWING money at Scott and Stiles and Lydia if he caught a wiff that they were struggling financially). It is just… a different perspective on a classic ethics question. So uh. It’s just. I see where you’re coming from, I see your outrage and it is reasonable. But Scott’s not wrong in this case. Hell, if I was him in his situation, I’d take a couple hundred thousand, toss the rest of the duffel back to Derek and say I was taking a “finder’s fee.”

Scott is morally questionable on a lot of stuff, ok? But this isn’t one of those times. Take a step back, don’t let your dislike of the character keep you from objective analysis (because truthfully, your metas are wonderful).

…it’s blood money.  I’m sad to see so many people think it’s OK to take money that…came from murders…but I maintain there is ALWAYS a better way.  I left Melissa out of this, but for real, she can sell the damn house, move to a smaller place, there are OPTIONS if you are willing to take them. I know I certainly have and I have family and friends who have done so as well.  The fact Melissa doesn’t even know how bad off she is just…tells me she’s not paying attention to things. 

Anyway, I guess my take away on this is that this is the beginning of Scott’s fall to the darkside.  I hope he doesn’t take Liam or Stiles with him.

Curious, OP— where would you rather the money went?

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Anonymous: "try videobull or sidereel"

Can’t find any working links, sadly. Already tried tvmuse and vodly, too :/

Oh well. I saw most of it live, I’ll just wait until tomorrow I guess.

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People are giffing the episode which means there’s a link floating around on the webs there somewhere, right?


Can someone please tell me where the latest TW episode is? Stream or DL, idc

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Heads up guys, but b/c the person who gifs the eps for the official teen wolf tumblr is a bias Sterek shipper, we might not see gifs of Braeden from the official tumblr a lot, and we most definitely won’t see gifs of that make out scene that happens in the future.


Of COURSE it’s a sterek shipper -_- image

Good to know. I won’t be liking or reblogging those gifs from now on.